About Me


About Me

I'm a history instructor and writer. I've won awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the European Commission, the Huntington Library, and the Society for French Historical Studies, and my work has appeared in Wall Street JournalFour Seasons Magazine, Apartment Therapy, and Good Housekeeping

At the University of Chicago, where I earned my M.A. and Ph.D., I focused on history, a field that I like to describe as “fiction with facts.” My academic specialties are France, the eighteenth century, the history of science and medicine, and the history of the senses. 

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to work in Paris, write for interior design publications, teach high schoolers about the eighteenth century, live on a ranch, and help stray dogs get adopted. I love anything whimsical, strange, or adventurous, and when I travel, all I want is good food and a few oddball museums.

My first book The Sensational Past: How the Enlightenment Changed the Way We Use Our Senses was published by W. W. Norton & Co. in 2017, and it received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews, as well as positive reviews in Wall Street Journal and other national and regional publications.